Friday, July 27, 2007


Well...I loved it. I could have made a meal out of it alone.
Doug said that it was good, but I have a sneaky suspicion he just didn't want to hurt my feelings.
Andrew and Tommy seriously disliked it. It actually made Tommy gag!
I suspect it was a texture thing for the kids. Or maybe an appearance issue as it wasn't very pretty.
I will definitely make it again, but in a much smaller portion meant for one or two.

After dinner, we were greatly entertained by watching the chickens pecking around in the yard. Doug fed one some leftover rice out of his hand.

We scattered the leftover corn in the yard for the rest of them. They love corn!!

We had 2 chickens lay an egg in the yard last evening. It was very odd. They never did that before. Doug watched one of them and was astonished to actually see an egg pop out in the front yard. The second one he found in the grass in front of the coop. Tommy said that he saw the hen we call "fatty" (I know, it's a mean name) lay it. This is very surprising for me because she is about 8 years old. We thought for sure see wasn't laying any more.

Chickens are so much fun!!!!

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Doug said...

I loved the casserole. You Can't go wrong with cheese and tomatoes