Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Boy, that title got your attention didn't it! No, not baby babies...baby chickens.

Last week, Doug called from the feed store to tell me that they had some extra chicks and asked me if I wanted them. Well, yeah!! I LOVE baby chicks. Our hens' egg production has slowed down so we really need to get some fresh layers going if we're going to continue to eat the VERY large amount of eggs that we are accustomed to.

Tommy and I scurried around trying to find a temporary home for them. They need to be in the kitchen for several weeks where it's warm. Anyone who's ever been in my kitchen knows that "warm" is relative. We'll be using a heat lamp and a portable heater for a while too, don't worry.

Awww. How cute.

Tommy's our official namer, so these chicks were christened, Penny, Polly, Lucy, and Lola.

It's not easy to tell them apart right now, but Tommy always seems to know who's who.

Yes, I did say 8 new babies.

The next day, Doug called me from one of his customer's farms to say that her hen had just hatched out 17 chicks and could we possibly help her out. Well, sure, why not. The more the merrier!

How could anyone say no to these little guys?

Names: Mary, Marcy, Pablo, and Susie. The feminine names are really wishful thinking. We won't be sure for a while if we have hens or roosters.

New boarders in our barn gave us a gorgeous basket of flowers. I just couldn't resist setting the chicks in the basket for an awesome photo opportunity.

How cute is that!!