Friday, July 17, 2009


This evening Doug and I enjoyed an absolutely delicious dinner for just the two of us. We had grilled steak with sauteed mushrooms, baked potatoes, caesar salad, and fresh picked today corn on the cob.

After dinner, we were in the kitchen doing the dishes, when Doug spotted a gorgeous deer browsing in our yard. I grabbed the camera and started taking some pictures that turned out a bit fuzzy because I was shooting through the screen.

When the deer moved into a different part of our yard, I snuck a peek out of our side door and took a little video. I thought I'd share it here for those of you who are nature freaks like me. The video gets a bit jumpy at the end when I was trying to keep my friend's dog, Beau, from pushing through the door to go "play" with the deer.

I hope you enjoy the video. It's time for our dessert now. Homemade peach cobbler!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


We've been enjoying the most amazing summer weather ever! We haven't had one horribly hot, humid day yet. I really hope I'm not jinxing things by writing this!!!!

Today, Tommy and I, along with Sofia and Vincent (my niece and nephew) decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and go for a hike in the woods. Of course I took along my camera and would like to share some pics from our day with you.

Usually by July this woods feels like some sort of tropical rain forest. Not today! We didn't even break out in a sweat on the way home when we were walking uphill the whole way.

There is an old, falling down, stone house in our woods that is always a fun place to explore and imagine who lived here so long ago. They would have been one of the closest neighbors to our house.
No matter which way we head out on a hike, and no matter which trail we take, the goal is always to get to a creek. Today we visited the creek at the bottom of "old house trail". On super hot days, this is always a great place to sit in the water and really cool off. We didn't need to do that today, but we did have fun exploring anyway.

We enjoyed eating our dinner out on our side patio. There was a very cool breeze blowing and it really didn't seem strange to be eating soup for dinner in July.
Boomer is definitely enjoying this gorgeous evening!

It's probably too much to wish for for this great weather to continue for the rest of the summer, but I'm sure planning on enjoying it while it lasts!