Saturday, March 7, 2009


Two days ago, Tommy and I decided to take one last hike in the snowy woods. Rumor had it that our temps would be warming soon, so we headed out towards the nearby stream and river to enjoy the winter landscape. I'm so glad we did. It was gorgeous!!

Here's Tommy checking out a huge hole left by a pileated woodpecker. I wouldn't have put my head in there!

Tommy's checking out how thick the ice on the stream is. It held.

In a few short weeks, this is where Doug and the boys will be fishing for our first trout dinner of the year.

Tommy had always wanted to check out this curious entryway that seems to lead right into the hillside. I told him he was on his own. I'm not big on exploring dark abandoned doorways. He went in and said it was some sort of small room. It looks like it could have been a closed off tunnel or maybe an old spring house.

After a LONG walk, we made it to the river. It was totally worth the effort.


Spring is making it's appearance through the snow. We found the tiniest beginnings of skunk cabbage and onion grass emerging.

Today the temperature has hit 70*! The only snow left is tiny piles in the deepest shade.

I'm a little sad to be saying goodbye to winter, but I did buy my first seeds for the garden today, and that's pretty cool too.