Monday, May 4, 2009


I can't even believe I'm writing this...Andrew moved out this weekend. How can my little, quiet, red-headed baby be old enough to leave me???? I knew this was going to happen eventually, but I think I just put it out of my mind.

He didn't move far. It's just a 20 minute drive (40 minutes if you pick the wrong time to travel). It could be on mars though for how far away he feels right now.

After stopping and taking pictures of the wrong house, we pulled up to his new home.

Isn't it pretty! I was very impressed. The house is split into 3 apartments. Andrew and his friends have the middle floor. It's an older house with a lot of really interesting, beautiful features.

I love this banister and railing.

This window in his bathroom is gorgeous!

The front entryway has such character. The beauty may be lost on the boys who live here, but this mama sure likes it.

We have a long standing family tradition of eating Kentucky Fried Chicken on moving days. It just so happens that there is a KFC right around the corner from Andrew's new house.

Andrew's absence keeps hitting me at odd moments.

When I was making Doug's lunch last night, I got a bit teary- eyed about not having to pack Andrew's and hoping that he had good, filling, healthy food in his kitchen to pack his own (he did).

This morning as I was washing up in our bathroom, I saw Andrew's hook with his towel on it and it made me sad thinking about it empty like Sarah's.

I'm not just sad though. I'm also so proud of the man Andrew's becoming. He's making his way in this world as he was meant to do. I'll cope. I hope he'll drop by to visit...a lot!

He's happy and I'm trying really hard to be happy for him too.