Thursday, July 12, 2007


We were blessed with a day today that was absolutely beautiful! It is truly a gift when a day like this arrives in the middle of the summer. It was cool, clear, dry, and breezy.

During the heat and humidity, I really don't feel like doing much of anything. Today I felt full of energy and motivation.

The clothes dried amazingly fast in the wonderful drying breeze.

I baked 4 loaves of wheat bread and a dozen wheat rolls.

Tommy picked the first of the wild raspberries. Delicious!!

I cut wildflowers to decorate our table on the front porch.

We enjoyed our dinner outside in the cool of the evening.

I know that this weather will not last. We will be returning all too soon to the regular menu of suffocating heat and humidity. Knowing that this kind of day is possible though, gives me hope that I can enjoy summer a little more.


Anonymous said...


Your pictures are great! I love the "extremely late thirties" wording of your profile. I had to chuckle.


The one you know nothing about said...

Ya that was cool.

Anonymous said...

I am not your son.

Anonymous said...

Make me some pizza.