Monday, July 16, 2007


Well...they're gone. I miss them terribly already. It was so quiet here today without them! I know that they're having an awesome time. They've both been looking forward to this week since they left camp last summer.

I can't wait to hear about EVERYTHING they did ALL week. I know, you're thinking, "Yeah right, they're not going to tell you anything." Well, I already took care of that. I told Tommy that if I didn't get a full accounting of the whole week, I would not give him the new Harry Potter book to read on the way home.

Bribery! I'll do whatever it takes.


Doug said...

I miss them too

Mrs. S said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your dining table. I would love to see a 'peak into your home' segment on your blog ;). It looks as though we share a 'traditional elegance' decorating style.

Mrs. S.

ann said...

Thanks for your comment Mrs. S. I may consider that segment. It might really motivate me to get things just so!