Thursday, August 9, 2007


As I posted earlier, Tommy is using Exploring Creation Through General Science this year. He just started it on Monday and has already completed 3 experiments. All of the experiments used what we already had in the house (we had to buy purple cabbage, but that's okay because we love to eat that in our salads anyway), and all of the experiments worked exactly how they were supposed to.

This is Tommy's experiment from today. It is titled: A Chemical Reaction

It was really fun to watch and I'm sure we'll repeat it at a later date to entertain the younger cousins.

Have a good Thursday!


Bren said...

You need to post the directions for that one. Is it vinegar and baking soda? My kids would love that one.

Laurie said...

Thomas is doing the same book this year...and did this same experiment this week!
He had fun doing it..and showed quite a few others how it was done.
Love your blog!!!


ann said...

Laurie, That's so cool that both of our Thomases are learning the same science this year!