Monday, August 20, 2007


Today we enjoyed a poetry tea. This is the first one we have had this year. Several years ago I read about the idea from here . While we have never made it a weekly part of our homeschooling routine, we have had many throughout the years. The idea is to have everyone pick out a poem or poems that they would like to share. We keep a collection of poetry books on the bookshelf for just this purpose. We will occasionally take some out of the library for something new too.

Then you set out a proper tea. Sometimes I serve 2 choices of tea sometimes just one. I always include some sort of treat. It has been graham crackers and oranges in the past when I didn't have time to prepare a baked good. Sometimes it is more substantial and acts as our lunch too. Today we had homemade biscuits with butter and peach jam, and apple chunks with cinnamon/sugar. Our tea was raspberry.

My Mom and Dad blessed us with their wedding china when Doug and I were married. It is really beautiful and I love to use it whenever I get the chance. This is the perfect chance as tea just tastes so much better in a real china cup!

When everyone is seated and served, we take turns reading our chosen poems. We often choose more while we are enjoying our tea and treats.

My niece, Sofia, was here this afternoon and was able to join us for tea (her little brother, Vincent, was napping upstairs during all of this). She was thrilled with our tea and enjoyed reading her favorite poems by Shel Silverstein. I'll be sure to have one again when she's with us.


Bren said...

What a great idea!! It looks like you are all having a wonderful time. I may "steal" this poetry tea idea! We finished up our first day. I am worn out!!

Bren said...

Ann, I had to laugh at your comment about my sink...I "shine" my sink several times a day! Flylady style! LOL If my sink is clean then the rest of the kitchen feels clean even if it isn't!

Karolee said...

Fun idea! I agree - tea tastes so much better served in a real china cup!

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