Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Can you guess what I made today? Here are the yummy looking ingredients. The tomatoes and banana peppers are from our garden, but I bought the rest at the grocery store.

Salsa! I made salsa. I have never made it before. I am not really a fan of the jarred salsa I buy at the store, but I thought that I certainly would like some made from our own tomatoes.

I got the recipe from Mary who writes a blog I read every day. Here's the link: http://owlhaven.wordpress.com/2007/07/27/my-salsa-recipe/ in case you would like to try it yourself. I halved it because that is how many tomatoes I had today. I also cut back on the hot peppers as we are not really fans of hot food. I haven't tried the canned salsa yet, but I tried the salsa that didn't fit in my jars and it was wonderful!

In case you think canned food is as beautiful as I do, here's a picture of the tomatoes I canned a couple of days ago. I put up 7 pints of diced tomatoes and 2 pints of tomato sauce. I can't wait to enjoy these throughout the winter.


Anonymous said...

I am really hoping to start canning again next summer. This year I have done some freezing. We are going to remodel our kitchen this winter and I want a section of cupboards with glass doors to hold my home canned food.... I think they are art work as well as nutrition!


ann said...

I would love glass fronted cabinets! Thanks for your comment.