Monday, August 6, 2007


Today was the official first day of school at our house. We like to start early so that by the time the weather is getting warm, and we all have spring fever, we can be finished. Billy and Tommy chose crepes as their breakfast. Tommy puts butter and cinnamon/sugar on his. Billy did that and also butter and peach jam. I tried to be good and just had 2 crepes with butter and jam. They were absolutely delicious!!

Tommy showed up for his first day in style. He was wearing a button-down shirt with a Christmas Sponge Bob tie. Very stylish!!
Billy went with the casual look with sweatpants and a t-shirt. I think he is still in denial about his summer vacation being over.
It took us much longer than usual to get through all of our work. I guess we are out of practice. Hopefully our days will be shorter in the future.
We ended our school day with a hike down "old house trail" with the cousins. It was stifling hot and humid! It felt like we were walking through the rain forest. We made it back home to enjoy some popsicles in the comfort of our air conditioning.

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Bren said...

Sounds like a great first day. Loved the tie. Shows he was ready to learn!!