Sunday, September 2, 2007


It seems like I can only post 5 pictures at a time. I tried to pick a good assortment. I'll post more tomorrow.

We had an amazing time on this vacation! We had PERFECT weather. It was totally relaxing and rejuvenating. We are so blessed to be able to get away like this together.

We spent hours on the beach every day.

The wonderful, generous couple who we rent the house from took our family out on their boat several times. They took the kids tubing behind the boat 2 different times. I rode in the boat one of these times and was really scared. I'm not really a boat person! Doug and the kids went on a long sightseeing boat ride one afternoon. They went fishing for croaker and spot another day. While they were out that time, they were treated to lots of sightings of mama and baby dolphins swimming right next to the boat! One evening Doug, Andrew, and Billy went out with the owner of our house to go snapper blue fishing. Apparently they had the time of their lives!! It sounded REALLY scary to me, but I am so thankful that they had this great opportunity.

We enjoyed tons of bike rides, LOTS of ice cream, card games, mini golf, regular golf, watching the ferry cross back and forth all day long, great food, watching movies, playing playdough, digging holes in the sand, collecting shells and pretty rocks and basically revelling in our get- away.

We're already looking forward to next June when we'll be going back.

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Bren said...

Looks like a WONDERFUL time. I am scared of boats too. the boys look like they were having lots of fun. Where are you? It is always mom taking the pics!