Monday, September 10, 2007


Wow! Where do the years go? My 3rd child is 16 years old! We'll be going sometime this week for Billy to take the written test for a driving permit. Wow!

In honor of Billy's 16th birthday, I present to you 16 interesting, cool things about Billy.

1. He is really tall and really skinny.

2. He is known as "Billy" "Bill" "Willy" "B" "Biddy" "William" and sometimes when I really want to get his attention "William James"

3. He had a blankie that he called an iggy. I think it is still in his dresser drawer. It no longer holds any resemblance to a blanket.

4. He "drove" my van when he was 2 years old and crashed into a car and a truck in our driveway. Thank the Lord, no one was hurt except the cars.

5. He can juggle.

6. He was the first person in our family to be able to solve the rubik's cube.

7. He is a lacrosse goalie and used to be an ice hockey goalie.

8. He likes to ride our horse Jasper.

9. He has bright red hair.

10. He LOVES to golf.

11. He LOVES to sleep.

12. He still eats like an infant (a little bit every hour and a half)

13. He can do amazing flips on our trampoline (see picture above)

14. He plays the guitar.

15. He's twitchy!

16. He is a wonderful, friendly, fun, funny, loving son. We love you Billy!!!!



Bren said...

Happy Birthday Billy!! 16 is a wonderful age! Enjoy will say many times in your life, "When I was 16..." make sure you fill in those blanks with wonderful honorable things!! You will be glad you did!

Tommy said...

You're getting really old bro!

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday to your Billy.
He sounds like a wonderful young man.
Blessings my friend,
( lovin my dogs )

Lib said...

Happy birthday Billy!!!!!
I too have a Billy, well 2 Dh and Ds . Dh is the I ,Ds is II

Anonymous said...

yay billy! love you! :)

~sarah xoxoxoxo