Thursday, September 6, 2007


Okay, so it's been four days. I have been trying to get back into some kind of routine after our vacation. It's not been too easy! I really need to work on some kind of schedule for my days. Even if it's a loose schedule, I think it will help me not to feel like I am running around in circles never really accomplishing anything. Billy and Tommy have gotten back to their school work and the extra activities are beginning to start.

Before we say goodbye for good to summer though I wanted to post just a couple more pics of our wonderful vacation.

Did I mention, we enjoy LOTS of great food on our vacations? Our family is not shy about our joy of eating. We enjoyed all of our meals together.

My brother and his precious son Mason on a morning walk at the beach.

A really cool creation that Andrew made one afternoon. Look close and you'll see that he used all different kinds of crab shells.

We were lucky to be at the beach during a full moon. Because of this, we had wonderful sand bars each day. We'd wait until the perfect moment and then move all of our chairs out there and pretend like we were on our very own island until the tide came in again.

Andrew, our fisherman.

Okay, time to move on and think about fall.

Football season starts tonight!!


Bren said...

I too am putting together a schedule of sorts to get things to run more smoothly. You can free yourself up so much better if things are running well and orderly. My 6 year old is protesting this as I type!!
You vacation pics are great. Your nephew has a career in the arts I would say!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm standing right behind you.

Patty said...

oh i miss the ocean. We always went to York Beach every year for a week and it was such great fun. We had the beach about 5 miles from our house, but it was so much fun to go north a tiny bit and just be lazy for a week and hear the waves lull us to sleep

Lib said...

Nice blog .Also looks like a fun

Joni said...

Ann I have tagged you for a meme please check out my blog for rules. I wish I was on the beach right now. It looks so relaxing.

Jimmy said...

In the future, please contact my attorney for the proper release forms for pictures of me and my family! Nice pics Ann!

Your bro-