Friday, November 30, 2007


Last weekend we travelled to our favorite Christmas tree farm to take a horse-drawn wagon ride out to the field to cut down our Christmas tree.

It was a perfect day!

The ride through the woods and field was so much fun.

The scenery really makes the trip special!

Going through the tunnel under the turnpike was exciting!! Mason's favorite part!

We found the perfect tree with no arguing what-so-ever.

It was Tommy's turn to put the star (made long ago by Doug) on the top of the tree. Actually it was Sarah's turn but, sadly, she wasn't home.

I so love having the Christmas tree up. We'll have it for an extra week this year as long as it lasts till New Year's.

Advent starts this Sunday.

Best wishes for a beautiful, holy season!


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Deblyn said...

Ann, I love it! I love your blog so much with all the pictures of such beautiful country that has definate seasons! We always joke around here that we have a week of fall. Your tree looks beautiful!