Saturday, October 13, 2007


The preparations have begun. For winter that is. We woke to temperatures in the 30's this morning. Some of the windows in the house were still open and we had no fire, so it was quite chilly!!
Seeing as how we were using air conditioning less than a week ago, we are not quite ready to begin heating our house with the wood stove. We're now on our way though.
Doug and Andrew removed the wood stove from the fireplace and took it outside where it can be cleaned out well. While it's out, we're going to have the chimney cleaned for the first time, hopefully sometime this week.

Doug custom built a really cool and really strong dolly to use for moving the stove. I'm sure he'll find plenty of other uses for it too.

It seemed to work quite well!!

Then it was on to the wood. We had a tree fall across our driveway earlier in the summer. This is that tree. It will be the start of our large wood pile that we'll need to heat the house for the winter. Doug was a happy boy having his new tractor for hauling wood today. Everything is easier when you have the right tools!!

Finally, I got our bed ready for the chilly nights. I washed the comfy flannel sheets and hung them out on the line in the sunshine all day. I also hung out the down comforter that has been off of our bed for the past couple of months. After they got a good airing, I brought them back in and made the bed. The whole room smells like fresh air now. I can't wait to crawl between the sheets and pile the blankets on tonight. I may have to go to bed a little early!

Tomorrow we'll work on switching out our summer clothes for the winter ones. Usually when I do this, the weather turns right back to warm. We'll keep a couple of t-shirts out just in case.


SimpleFolk said...

Oh, I just love to visit you. I feel like we are truly kindred spirits. I share your love for candlelight and also have boys dressed in camo and carrying bows, LOL. They have returned empty handed thus far, but will keep trying!

I'm sorry that you've been under the weather. We are too, but 'tis the season I suppose. Thank you for sharing your amazing pictures. I really enjoy them. :o)


Bren said...

Ann, your bedroom is gorgeous!! I am sure you sleep well there. I can almost smell the sheets and comforter.
I have the job of cleaning out the fireplace this week...Maybe it will be my Tackle It Tuesday.

Kellan Rhodes said...

What a cozy house you have. I live in Texas and it will be a long while before we hit 30 - today will likely hit 90 or above. Enjoy the change - I'm so jealous.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed the pullout of the stove! Nice dolly Bob!

Your bro!