Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Confession time...I love hanging our clothes out on the line! I have done this for a long time. At times I've done it out of necessity because we were without a dryer. One time for 2 years. Currently, our dryer is broken and has been broken for a couple of months. Even when we do have a dryer though, I prefer hanging the clothes out.

My Nana thinks it's a ridiculous thing to hang your clothes out in this day and age when it's not necessary. She thinks I should be conserving my energy for more important things, like making Doug happy! Doug loves Nana!!!!

Many years ago, before we lived here on our farm, we lived in a city neighborhood. All of our backyards were visible to each other all down the block. It was often a competition to see who would have their clothes out first in the morning. It was fun!

A friend of mine from a message board that I'm on, Cathy, says that she likes to pray for her family while she hangs out their clothes. I love this idea! What a wonderful way to spend my mornings. Praying for my family, out in the fresh air, conserving energy, making our clothes last longer.

I have had many different clothes lines, but have always wanted one like I see on the Amish farms. One with a pulley going way up high. One Christmas a couple of years ago Doug put together a gift of the pulleys, a really long clothes line and the clips to hold the lines together. It was an awesome present. I had tears in my eyes I was so happy. I think Sarah thinks I'm a little pathetic!!

This year, I decided that it would work better to have the line even longer and much higher. Andrew came to the rescue and climbed the chosen tree with his climbing tree stand really, really high. Doug bought a new line that is 200ft long! Andrew attached the pulley way up in the tree and Doug fixed the line to the pole by the house.

I love my new clothes line. Yesterday I really tested it with 4 loads of laundry. I even had a load of towels up there.

The only problem was that I ran out of pins. That's okay. The socks dried anyway just fine.


Bren said...

I love a clothes line too!!! BIG problem...our neighbors would torch my clothes lines if I put them up. NO ONE has one in our entire neighborhood. I think they are not allowed. I really miss not having sheets and bedding that smell like the outdoors. I still hang some things on a rack on the deck.
I gave you an award on my blog...just come and get it.

Anonymous said...

You are so sweet to mention me. That made me feel good. I LOVE your clothes line. Enjoy it and your prayer time.
I just LOVE your blog, your home, your family.
You are a dear.
Blessings my friend,

Christy said...

I'm so jealous of your clothesline! We aren't allowed to have them where I'm living now so I dry my clothes on a rack on the deck. It can only hold about half a load at a time. When we move I'm getting a huge clothesline!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you got my comment...I don't see it now and I created an account. My next question is how do I add people to my team list..jen

jen said...

I think I figured this all out.jen