Thursday, October 11, 2007


One of the things I love about fall and winter is the darkness of the evening. I know, this is something that most people dislike about these seasons (Right Kim?).

~I love that Doug often comes home earlier when the days are shorter.

~I love that our evenings seem longer and cozier.

~I love that we are all in the house together instead of all over the property doing our own things.

~I love having more time for quiet pursuits: sitting in front of the fire, watching a movie together, playing a game or cards, knitting, reading.

~My favorite thing, though, is eating dinner by candlelight!

We eat every meal with candles. It doesn't matter if it's an elaborate roast beef meal with all of the fixings, or just hot dogs and frozen fries. We even used candles at breakfast this morning because it was a cloudy, stormy morning. They made the kitchen seem warmer.

It all tastes better and seems more special with candle light.

Our family seems to take dinner more seriously when the candles are lit. The meal is not just something to get over with. It is a pleasant occasion to thoroughly enjoy.

We all tend to linger longer at the table in the darkness. There is no rushing off to get things done like there is in the summer.

Have I gone on and on enough? Can you tell that I am passionate about candles? Not just the decorative candles that make your house smell nice but the candles that have a real purpose, to give light to your beautiful home and family.


Bren said...

There is definitely something about candles that nothing else can imitate. Your candle fixture is gorgeous!!

tweezle said...

You are so right! Candles always make things seem special, even the most ordinary dinner. As much as we love candlelight, we don't use them enough. Thanks for this post as it makes me realize how we really should make dinners special more.