Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday...A day of rest??

While our Sunday was not actually a day of rest, it was a gorgeous day for getting some necessary things accomplished.

We did start our Sunday in the best way possible. At church, worshiping, singing, praising, giving thanks, and soaking in His word.

Once home, after eating a couple of fresh, delicious doughnuts, we all got to work on our to-do lists.

Doug finally had access to a working tractor and mower and spent the better part of the day mowing down long neglected sections of grass, weeds, and anything else that happened to be hidden in his path.

Billy, who really couldn't understand why he couldn't just go play golf all day, reluctantly accepted the fact that he had things to do too.

First on his list was school work from last week that for some mysterious reason, never got completed. He was thrilled to be working on school on a Sunday!

After school, he tackled his pile of dirty clothes that was covering the floor of his room.

Finally, he unloaded a large wagon load of sawdust for the stalls in the barn. Good, hard, physical work. Just what every 18 year old needs a daily dose of!

Tommy cut the grass in the front of the house, and mulched up all of the fallen leaves there.

He also tackled his dirty laundry.

He went out several times throughout the day and evening to ride his bike. It sure was the perfect day for that!

He actually did find some time for rest. It looks like he's contemplating something really important!!

I spent a good part of the day in the kitchen.
I made: brownies and granola bars,

Grape jelly

and bread and rolls for the week.

I planned a week's worth of school work for both boys.

I also wrote up a menu for the next two weeks. Maybe I'll share that tomorrow though.

I'm ready to go pack Doug's lunch and crawl under the covers to read my new book.

Here's a picture of the beautiful sunset. I took the picture while we were enjoying our dinner of chicken lasagna florentine. It was a recipe from my new cookbook Family Feasts .

It was a DELICIOUS dinner and will definitely be on our regular meal rotation.

Sleep well...


Doug said...

What a pretty sunset. I'm sorry we did not get to go for a walk in the woods like we planned.

Beth said...

What a day!!
Yesterday (Sunday) was a big day at church. We have had a special week called "Harvest Week" that we were really making a push to invite people out to our services and special events. Yesterday we had a special speaker and then dinner at church. We then had an afternoon service instead of the evening service. We were home by 2:30 and took naps!! We had planned to only sleep a little while but it was nearly 6pm when we woke up! It has been forever since we were able to do that!
So, yeah, we got in our day of rest!!!!
Now I have LOTS to accomplish today!!I want to surprise my husband by accomplishing LOTS today!
I'm glad you had a good day!
Blessings, Beth

Beth said...

OH...sorry, I meant to ask you a question on my other comment.
How do you keep your bread fresh all week? Do you freeze it?
I make a different kind of yeast bread, Zopf bread, and it gets hard and not so good within two days or so.
I'd love to do my baking on one day!

Jennifer said...

These are the posts I love Ann. They are beautiful and real and make me hungry! What an amazing day. Thank you for sharing this.

ann said...

Beth, I do freeze the bread. I only keep one out at a time. I try to take a new one out of the freezer to thaw overnight if I remember.

ann said...

Aww, you're so sweet to me Jennifer. Thanks for your kind words!

ann said...

Doug, I'll definitely take a rain check for that walk!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patty said...

that was a busy day, but somehow working around home always seems to be so rewarding, it makes it seem ok

thethriftyhousewife said...

Somehow we end up doing a bunch of stuff on Sundays too, but sometimes I actually find that relaxing because I know that stuff is done and out of the way. What a neat blog, by the way!

Beth said...

I just wanted to wish you a very blessed and merry CHRISTmas!! Your blog was one of the very first one that I read when I started blogging. I love what you have posted!

Anonymous said...

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